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Majorca Hotels

Want to know which the best Majorca hotels are? We Are Mallorca has just what you need!

Majorca has an amazing variety of hotels whether it be a luxurious five star hotel in Palma, a boutique hotel or one of Magaluf’s famous party more

The Best Hotels In Majorca

We’ve put together a great, and ever growing, list of places for you to stay on your holiday to our beautiful island.

In this section of the website you can find reviews of famous hotels such as the Intertur Hotel Hawaii Mallorca, the Hotel Barracuda Magaluf, TRH Magaluf Hotel and of course the world famous BH Mallorca Hotel.

Below you’ll find links to our pick of the best hotels in Majorca as reviewed by our customers.

Our reviews give info on what the accommodation is like and whether the food is tasty among other things.

Of course we also take a look at the entertainment they offer, whether they’re family friendly, how close they are to the beach, local restaurants and nightlife.

We’ve also put together photos and videos of these Majorca hotels so that you can get a feel for them.

If your a hotel owner or manager and would like your hotel added to our list of best Magaluf hotels then just send us a message using the contact page and we’ll review you nice and quick! Thank you!