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Majorca News

Who better to give you the latest Majorca news on the strip, nightlife, clubs and bars than the people who work and party there every night.

As part of our news section we’ll be covering not just the news in Majorca but also what else is going on around the island of Mallorca (or Majorca as it’s sometimes called!) more

The Latest Majorca News

We’ll be bringing you regular stories, videos and photos from our parties that run throughout summer in Majorca so you can be sure to see what you’re missing by not being onboard this summer 2017!

Because we’re a party orientated site you’ll also be getting latest videos and stories of our parties that have been taking place around Majorca!

So, if it’s news about a Majorca beach party, prices on the main strip, what the weather will be like in Majorca this May or just general crazy stories from the Majorca nightlife you can be sure we’ve got something to keep you interested.

Check out our latest Majorca news stories and be sure to visit back regularly to see more!